Initial Coin Offering (ICO) portal operator

  • Focused on creating regulated cryptocurrencies used for wholesale travel, real estate and hotels, gaming assets, insurance and digital advertising.
  • Provides fully regulated and licensed digital assets financing and investment services for digital assets.
  • Licensed by the Thai Securities & Exchange Commission.
  • Authorized & regulated under global-leading Thai Digital Asset Business Law.
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Fintech Solutions for the Global Citizen

  • Online & mobile banking services provide customers convenience and easy access to accounts anytime, anywhere in the world.
  • Supports NextPlay ecosystem by providing access to merchant services solutions (e.g., future NextTrip credit card) for our gaming, media and travel verticals.
  • Also supports plans to expand Longroot’s capabilities to potentially include:
  • Access to cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Digital wallet, mobile payments and banking

…thereby creating a diversified Fintech Solutions company.

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Smart Compliant Tokens

okenIQ’s solutions address key regulatory issues the tokenized securities industry faces


  • ENTERPRISES / PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANIES - Reduced execution time and transaction costs to finance sizable and complex projects.
  • STARTUPS - Reduced cost to raise capital, by providing a turn-key solution for tokenization, compliance and investor management.
  • INVESTORS - White glove solution for Investor's reporting and wealth monitoring needs, including lost token recovery.
  • FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS & BANKS - Allowing financial institutions to become gateways for their customers into fully compliant tokenized offerings.
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